Laszlo Pecsi

Laszlo Pecsi played a clearly decisive and unquestionably important role in shaping 20th century Hungarian design as well as creating industrial designa and autonomous textile art. His professional erudition, creative force and the esteem of forerunners are evident during his whole artistic career.

Portrait if Laszlo Pecsi


5 Oct 1929, Budapest (Hungary)


16 Dec 1984, Budapest (Hungary)


Industrial Art


Munkácsy Award 1964, 1972

State Award 1975

Biography by the Artist

"I was born on the 5th of October, 1929, in Angyalföld, Budapest. I got my school-leaving certificate in 1948, at the "Beresznyi Dániel" secondary school of Budapest. From autumn 1949 on, I studied at the textile faculty of the Hungarian High School for Applied Arts where I learned designing of woven materials from Ernő Schubert. Here I got my diploma in 1954 (red diploma). From 1950 to 1954 I was holder of a Rákosi scholarship. I lived at a NEKOSZ college of which I was secretary for one year. I married rather young, my wife is a teacher (1951).

My first work to be exhibited won a prize at the World Youth Festival Competition, National Salon, in 1950 (I was a first-year student at that time). I became an industrial designer. I began to work at the Factory for Furnishings in Kőszeg, in 1954. I was alone – the factory had never had a designer before me. They made me move to Kőszeg where I lived from 1955 to 1957. At the competitions of the Council for Applied Arts I was awarded several prizes. Naturally with fabrics designed for the factory. At another World Youth Festival Competition, in May 1957, I was awarded First Prize. At the end of the 1950-es, a competition for the “Most Beautiful Product of the Year” was started, and every year the fabrics I had produced at the factory, were awarded. In 1963 a new firm was founded by the fusion of several firms, under the name of “Csepel” for Household Textiles, and I became chief of the Department for Designing.

In 1964 I was awarded the 3rd degree of Munkácsy Prize, in 1972 with the 2nd degree of Munkácsy Prize, in 1975 I got the 1st degree of the State Prize. I also got diplomas and certificates of merit (Eminent Worker of the Light Industry, etc.). I was awarded several prizes at the 1st – 2nd – 3rd Wall and Space Textile Biannuals. I am travelling abroad a great deal, especially due to my works connected with industry. In the press, in books I have often been criticized, less praised for my works. In 1973 TV made a separate film about my works."

Here the autobiography breaks off; eleven years were left of his short-cut life. About these – had he completed it – probably one thing would have been written only: "I am working a lot."

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